Authentic Eagle Claw Kung Fu from the Lau Fat Mang Lineage

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Kung Fu training not only develops self defence skills; students also benefit from improved mental and physical well being, self discipline and confidence, not to mention increasing fitness and co-ordination and correct posture. 

The school offers a unique cultural learning experience in a friendly environment. Many people have joined the club to improve their fitness after finding the gym a bore. With our classes they have achieved results surpassing their expectations.

Our traditional Chinese arts come from world renowned lineage. 

With hard work and expert guidance you can achieve much more than earn a black belt.


We Offer:

  • Private Tuition
  • Corporate Tai Chi
  • Lion Dance and Demonstration Team
  • Classes to suit all abilities
  • Weekly classes in Aldershot, Camberley, Fleet, Hawley and Yateley
  • Adults, Kids and Family Classes

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