Children's Classes

Suitable for children aged 6 - 12 years

* Free Taster *

Map & Timetable:

Classes are held throughout the year, including school holidays, with the exceptions of bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year.
Children as young as five years of age can come and try out either of our 'Family' classes, provided their parent participates too.
From age six, children can participate with or without their parent in the 'Family' classes.
The Benefits For Children
  • Builds Self Confidence
  • Discipline & Respect
  • Keeps Them Active
  • Bully Avoidance
  • Sense Of Achievement 
  • Learning To Focus / Concentrate
  • Co-ordination & Body Control
  • Socialising and Character Building
  • Positive Mentoring Role Models
  • Absorption In Training 
Why Our Classes Are Great
  • Welcoming and Friendly
  • Low Instructor-to-student Class Ratio
  • Full-time Dedicated Instructor
  • 21 Years Teaching Experience
  • Assistant Instructor In Every Class
  • Several Local Classes Available
  • DBS/CRB Cleared and Fully Insured
  • Regular Social Activities
  • Free Parking