Club News

Past Events:

  • Chinese New Year - 16th February
  • Classes Closed 30th March -2nd April (Easter)
  • Eagle Claw Tests - March (Date TBC) Apply Here
  • Sport Relief Participation - 17th-23rd March
  • Forms Seminar - April  (Date TBC) Apply Here
  • Classes Closed for May Day Holiday - Monday 7th May
  • Classes Closed for Spring Holiday - Monday 28th May
  • Victoria Day, Aldershot - 9th June
  • Camberley Carnival Procession - 23rd June
  • North Camp Fayre, 24th June
  • Fleet Carnival Procession 7th July

Upcoming Events 2018:

  • Master Lau's UK Visit - 21st August to 4th Sept
  • Club Get-Together - August (date TBC)
  • Level Tests with Master Lau - 25th August (TBC)
  • Classes Closed for Summer Bank Holiday - 27th Aug              (however, classes are ON throughout the summer!)
  • Master Lau Workshop - 1st Sept (date TBC)
  • Shaolin Warriors @ G Live - 18th Sept
  • Kung Fu Tests - September (date TBC)
  • Tam Toi Seminar (part two) (date TBC)
Latest Test Passes:

Eagle Claw Tests 25th March 2018
  • Matei - Gung Lek Kuen
  • Mel - Gung Lek Kuen
  • Kate - Gung Lek Kuen
  • Valentino - Teut Jeen Kuen
  • Brad - Jeet Kuen
  • Phil - Jeet Kuen
  • Perry - Ng Fu Kuen
Eagle Claw Tests 24th June 2018
  • Vanisha - Gung Lek Kuen
  • John - Gung Lek Kuen
  • Skye - Gung Lek Kuen
  • Mel - Teut Jeen
  • Kate - Teut Jeen
  • Chris L - Jeet Kuen
  • Zsigmond - Ng Fu Kuen
  • Arjun - Ng Fu Kuen
  • Chris D - Sei Lok Kuen
  • Chun - Sei Lok Kuen
  • Moore - Ng Fu Cheung


    “Whether interested in health, performance or self-defence Matt's training is what you are looking for. His enthusiasm for Kung Fu is contagious, and his flexible teaching style makes everyone feel welcome and motivated. I really appreciate Matt's honest and open perspective on martial arts. Always willing to answer questions, and give helpful comments, his tutelage is really helping me to develop my skills.”

    “Thanks to Matt (and Kung Fu) a new chapter has opened up in my life and I am so grateful for it.” - Karen M