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Spear Practice

Traditional 'Eagle Claw' Style Kung Fu in: Aldershot, Camberley, Farnborough, Fleet, and Frimley

With instructor Matt Williams

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Sword Practice

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Kids lining up for class
Lion Dance Aldershot 2017
Training in threes

"I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere, from a teacher who has the patience to teach beginners and the expertise to teach the more experienced". Louisa Peers

Kung Fu is not just a fighting style. It also encompasses self defence, mental and physical health and well being, self discipline, endurance, balance, and confidence.

The World Eagle Claw Association (WECA) provides training for all of these areas.

Founded by Gini Lau, 8th generation and youngest daughter of the late Grand Master Lau Fat Mang, WECA focuses on training individuals of all ages in the traditional Chinese Kung Fu style of Eagle Claw.

Matt Williams currently holds classes in Aldershot, Farnborough, and Hawley; with students from the surrounding towns in the Surrey and north Hampshire/Hants area.

The roots of Eagle Claw Kung Fu can be traced back over 850 years to the Sung Dynasty, where the system was created by General Yui Feh. This legacy continues today.

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