Adult's Kung Fu

Suitable for teenagers and adults aged 13 years and above

* First lesson is just £10 *

The Benefits Of Kung Fu

  • Lose Weight & Tone Up

  • Increase Co-ordination & Balance

  • Improve Flexibility and Joint Mobility

  • Useful & Effective Self Defence

  • Reduce Confrontation Through Confidence

  • Increase Body Awareness & Control

  • Stress Release / Balance Emotions

  • Improve Concentration & Memory

  • Develop Immune System

  • Great Social Outlet

Why Our Classes Are Great

  • Welcoming and Friendly

  • Relaxed Environment

  • Full-time Dedicated Instructor

  • 25 Years Teaching Experience

  • World Class Lineage

  • Various Local Classes

  • Private Tuition Available

  • DBS/CRB Cleared & Fully Insured

  • Regular Social Activities

  • Free Parking

The Classes

The WECA kung fu has a core curriculum that we work through consisting of various techniques and applications (including striking, kicking, throwing, and grappling), and a set of form sequences*.

Students are encouraged to partner up and test the material being taught, starting in an exploratory and fully controlled environment; progressing towards working with resistive partners, pressure testing the techniques to ensure that they aren't only working because your opponent lets them work.

Gradings are only performed when both the student and the instructor feels they are ready. There is no set time frame between grades, and (other than more practice) no 'fast track' to go through them.

In addition the classes have two-person drills, light sparring, pad work, and additional forms* that can be learnt.

Recently (2018) we have also incorporated 12 roads Tán Tuǐ form sequence into the foundation material being taught.

If you have questions regarding the class content, Eagle Claw style or syllabus, or kung fu in general please either contact Matt Williams or turn up for a free taster class.

*Please note that forms are not being taught just to learn to a new sequence. They are one of the core methods used to teach techniques - individual and chained - and should be explored with partners to fully understand the content.


Classes Per Week




Monthly Cost




Equivalent Price Per Class*

£8 - £10

£6 - £7.50

As little as £3.64

Attendance is not restricted - if you cannot make your regular class(es), or miss a week, you are more than welcome to train on other days within the same month.

* As payment is made per CALENDAR month, during some months you'll receive 5 classes, depending how the days of the week fall in the month.

Private Tuition Available - please ask!


“Matt's Eagle Claw classes provide me with the perfect balance of technique and physical exercise that I was looking for. The flexibility of attending a class on any day is great - I can't always make the same class every week, but I know that I can simply attend a class on a different day." - Steve McDonald

"I studied Kung Fu with World Eagle Claw for the best part of two years. Physical fitness aside, I made some wonderful friends and gained a great deal of mental discipline from it, for which I am very thankful." - Olly Smith

"I joined the World Eagle Claw Association to learn how to defend myself. The authenticity of this style of Kung Fu and close link to Master Gini Lau, 8th generation master of a lineage that goes back 850 years, was the deciding factor. Thanks to Sifu Williams; the classes are professional, but fun. I fully recommend Eagle Claw Kung Fu." - Tom Byrne

More Reviews

“I’ve not been learning Kung Fu too long, but have definitely found not only a great way to keep fit and learn self-defence skills, but also a great group of friends.” - Emma Sewell

"I started Kung Fu a week after my 33rd birthday back in January of this year (2017) and I have to say it’s the best thing I ever did, I remember my first class walking in feeling nervous, as I am not good around new people and immediately made to feel like a part of the family. Everyone in the class, including Sifu Williams, were there for help and advice. I have been going for six months now, and feel like a new man; I am more flexible then I have ever been, I am more confident then I have ever been, the meeting new people thing is right at the back of my mind, I am fitter then I have ever been and I enjoy life more with Kung Fu. I am lucky to have Sifu Williams, who is an excellent instructor and finds it easy to teach the hardest sequence in the simplest way, without making you feel silly and is also the reason I keep coming back. He is an absolute joy to study under and always willing to help and give constructive feedback to help my learning." - Toby Sharp

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