Chen Tai Chi

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Tai Chi Health Benefits

  • Stress Relief & Relaxation

  • Improves Posture: Reducing Pain

  • Increases Co-ordination & Balance

  • Improves Memory

  • Lower Blood Pressure / Heart Rate

  • Balances Emotions

  • Increase Joint Mobility

  • Improves Circulation

  • Builds Immune System

  • Clears Your Mind name but a few.

Why Our Class Is Great

  • Welcoming and Friendly

  • Relaxed Environment

  • Make New Friends

  • A Great Way To Start Your Day!

  • Full-time Dedicated Instructor

  • 25 Years Teaching Experience

  • DBS/CRB Cleared & Fully Insured

  • Complimentary Cup Of Green Tea

  • Free Parking

  • Private Tuition Available

Join us on Saturday mornings, 08:30 till 09:30, at Blackwater & Hawley Memorial Hall

More information:

The Tai Chi classes are an excellent way for helping bring the body and mind back into balance and harmony.

It also helps to tone the muscles and stretch the body, while at the same time develops deep rhythmic breathing and a calm mind.

The classes involve activities such as Chi Gung (breathing), the Chen style forms, and various exercises such as ‘silk reeling’ and ‘push hands’.

We serve Chinese tea at half time and play gentle Chinese music in the background creating a very pleasant atmosphere.

Whether you are interested in the calming and gentle exercises, or in learning the martial applications of Tai Chi as well, you are very welcome to join in.

The classes can be taken on their own, or as a complement to the kung fu classes.


“While Matt is very serious about his art, he is a good-natured and encouraging teacher who imparts his enthusiasm and passion to his students, and teaches patiently and cheerfully, making everyone feel they are achieving something. I started Tai Chi to move more and increase my flexibility. I feel much better at the end of each class and it has also introduced me to a new group of friends.” - Louisa Peers

"After a long search for a new form of exercise I found Matt Williams and his Tai Chi class and now you are reading this I hope you also take the step to come along and discover the benefits of Chen Tai Chi. It has been a long time since I last trained in a martial art, so I was pleased to find that Matt's all round knowledge, enthusiasm and teaching methods to be very motivating and brought it all back to me. Matt mixes the "Silk reeling" exercises of Tai Chi with the movement practice of "Forms", together with the breathing techniques from Qi-Gong to combine and offer stimulating and interesting practice sessions. After only 6 months I have become generally more relaxed and focused at work and with my sport activities. I can also see improvements in my body posture, strength and flexibility through increased exercise, body awareness and practice. We have a small and friendly group training together on a Saturday morning, so come along and join us!" - Graham Anderson


Classes: £30 per calendar month

Private: £30 per hour


“I find that Tai chi is very relaxing – perfect stress management and Kung Fu is excellent for fitness, flexibility and stamina – I love the contrasts and the similarities between the two styles. Matt is very good role model for Chinese Martial arts and goes to incredible lengths to support his students learning.If you are thinking of either Tai Chi or Kung Fu, I would definitely try a free lesson – you’ll be warmly received and deeply impressed!” - Dr Sanjay Chaudhuri MBBS BSc

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