Children's Classes

Suitable for children aged 6 - 12 years

* First lesson is just £8 *

The Benefits For Children

  • Builds Self Confidence

  • Discipline & Respect

  • Keeps Them Active

  • Bully Avoidance

  • Sense Of Achievement

  • Learning To Focus / Concentrate

  • Co-ordination & Body Control

  • Socialising and Character Building

  • Positive Mentoring Role Models

  • Absorption In Training

Why Our Classes Are Great

  • Welcoming and Friendly

  • Low Instructor-to-student Class Ratio

  • Full-time Dedicated Instructor

  • 25 Years Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Instructor In Every Class

  • Several Local Classes Available

  • DBS/CRB Cleared and Fully Insured

  • Regular Social Activities

  • Free Parking

Classes are held throughout the year, including school holidays, with the exceptions of bank holidays and between Christmas and New Year.

Children as young as five years of age can come and try out either of our Family classes, provided a parent participates too.

From age six, children can participate with or without a parent in the Family classes.

The children's classes run the same syllabus and requirements as the adults classes, but are presented in a more youth-friendly manner and environment. Please talk with SiFu Matt Williams for more details.

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The Classes

The children's' classes cover the same foundation material (stances, footwork, striking, kicking, throwing etc.) and the same core forms as the adults classes. The basic techniques are normally trained all together, with the students then split into grade groups for form work.

There are also controlled two person drills, padwork, and towards the end of the lessons normally a small exercise based game or competition.

All of this is done with the SiFu Matt Williams joining in, leading the classes by example every step of the way.


Attendance is not restricted, if your child cannot make their regular class(es), or miss a week, they are more than welcome to train on other days within the same month.

* As payment is made per CALENDAR month, on some months you receive a 5th class, depending how the days of the week fall in the month.

Classes Per Week




Monthly Cost




Equivalent Price Per Class*

£6 - £7.50

£4.50 - £5.62

As little as £2.22

Family Discounts Available - please ask!


“My son has become a happy, confident and brave boy. Learning Kung Fu has helped him to increase his concentration levels and he is now happy conversing with Adults and older boys, as well as helping the younger kids. Having an outside peer group that is focused on good sportsmanship and respect is an important thing to be able to give to your children. It will give your child confidence, increased concentration levels and great social skills, as well as physical and mental fitness.” - Fiona Service

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“Matt is very enthusiastic about Kung Fu and you can tell that he loves teaching his students. I am encouraged to believe that I can achieve whatever I want - so long as I practice!” - Anthony Skilton